led can save your life

LED Lights can Save your Life

On average in the U.S., the length of time between a call for help and the arrival of emergency medical services is about eight minutes – but that rose to 14 minutes in rural areas (where about 10 percent of patients waited nearly 30 minutes), researchers found. ( https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-emergency-response-times/be-prepared-for-ambulance-wait-times-idUSKBN1A42KQ )

LED House Numbers
LED House Numbers

Imaging an ambulance passing by your home at your time of need because they could not see the numbers posted on your mailbox? Scary to think that seconds could mean life or death. At LED Mailboxes.com we pride ourselves in making the highest quality and the most highly visible mailboxes and home LED numbers on the market. We have options for all types of homes and can custom make a mailbox just for you.

From LED House Numbers to Mailboxes that will give your home higher visibility at night and in certain weather conditions.

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